Sabnam Faria deactivates FB account, page | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Sabnam Faria and Harun Ur Rashid Apu ended their marriage life after one year and nine months of togetherness. The two voluntarily signed a divorce letter on November 27. Popular small screen actress Sabnam Faria shared the news of their divorce on Facebook. However, her personal Facebook account and official verified page have not been found since Monday (November 30).
It is heard that she is currently away from Facebook after getting devastated by the criticism of netizens. As a result, she has deactivated her Facebook account and page. Meanwhile, sharing the separation news from Harun Ur Rashid Apu, Faria on Saturday evening gave a post on Facebook, wrote: “Human life is like a river. Sometimes there is a high-tide, sometimes a low-tide. Sometimes the water rises due to rain; the water dries up in the winter. It happens in our life too!”
  From then on, discussions and criticisms about them started in the showbiz arena through social media. Then on Sunday (November 29), Faria again gave a post on Facebook, wrote: “Since the news of my separation was revealed, people have been blaming me, abusing me. But what I do know is that people like to belittle people! Why I wrote in the status quo ‘The ending could be beautiful too’, why I said ‘we will be friends even after separation’.”


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