‘Ego has never been a problem for me’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Actor Abhishek Bachchan, pretty early on, also got comfortable with both, carrying a film on his shoulders, and sharing screen space with many others, respective examples being ‘Guru’ (2007) and ‘Dhoom’ franchise.His latest release, ‘Ludo’, too was a story about multiple characters.
At the outset, he expresses his apprehension over stories that do the rounds about any actor’s ‘ego’ coming in between when starring alongside another actor or an ensemble cast, over screen time. He says, “Sadly, we end up labeling this as an actor’s ego. I think that is where the fundamental problem is. I understand why the media would label it as such, it’s more sensational and grabs more eyeballs, and is the easiest way to explain a situation. It’s actually not that.”
He adds that as an actor, everyone is looking out for themselves, and wants to do their best to be captured and seen. “It comes from that quest and desire to excel in whatever you are doing. When it comes to actors, sadly, since time immemorial, it’s labeled as an actor’s ego. No, we want to do our best, that’s it. When other actors are involved, it’s survival of the fittest, it’s a carnal, basic instinct in human beings. I don’t think it purely stems from insecurity.
Yes, one has heard of such stories, it takes an actor of immense self assurance and security in what they are doing, to not even allow thoughts like that to come to your head,” explains the 44-year-old, reports Mid-day.  He goes on to say that ego has never been a problem for him. “I don’t allow that to come into my work. I have been around for 20 years, learnt a lot of things. Things like ego are only going to destroy your work, and not going to get you anywhere,” he quips.


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