‘Bir’, ‘Password’ returning to halls | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

All cinemas in the country were closed for seven months due to coronavirus. Finally, most of the halls, including Star Cineplex, have been open since October 16, though some chose to open later. One of the most influential producers of Dhaliwood, Mohammad Iqbal, has adopted the policy of ‘old wine in new bottle’ to alleviate the misery of the cinema   and to make the audience happy again.
He said that next Friday, two of the country’s best superstar Shakib Khan’s films ‘Bir’ and ‘Password’ will be released again. The film was released in theaters across the country before the coronavirus outbreak occurred and accrued good business.
Producer Mohammad Iqbal said, “The halls have been open for a long time. Shakib Khan’s films exceed the demand of the audience. But no one wants to release their films while at risk. So I decided to re-release the two films ‘Password’ and ‘Bir’ produced by me. Two pictures are being released across the country next Friday. The list of halls will come in a day or two. Hopefully, after a long break, the audience will return to the cinema hall with Shakib Khan’s films.”
Incidentally, Shakib Khan Starrer ‘Password’ was released across the country on Eid-ul-Adha last year. This film is directed by Malek Afsari. On the other hand, ‘Bir’ was released in 70 theaters across the country on the occasion of Valentine’s Day on February 14 this year. It was directed by talented director Quazi Hayat. Both films did business as expected. This time, it remains to be seen whether these films of Shakib can bring back the audience.


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