Priyanka paces around with milk in hand for Hot Ones | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Priyanka Chopra has shot for yet another episode of Hot Ones where celebrities are made to gulp down spicy sauces, to test their tolerance for hot food.Actor Priyanka Chopra has not learnt from her past experiences and has subjected herself to yet another episode of Hot Ones.
On Friday, she shared a video, showing the state of her after eating yet another round of spicy chicken wings for a new episode. In 2019, Priyanka appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he made her eat the hot wings while answering questions about herself. With every round, the wings got hotter to the point of torture. Both Priyanka and Jimmy were left smoking through their ears by the end of it.
In the latest video shared by her, Priyanka is seen pacing around her hotel in London, carrying a glass of milk in one hand and perhaps a bucket of ice cream in another. “Guys just filmed Hot Ones holy shits. Coming soon” she wrote in her tweet.Not just Priyanka, but even her husband Nick Jonas has taken up the Hot Ones challenge with his brother Joe and Kevin.
On The Tonight Show episode, Priyanka revealed that she gave Nick a pep-talk before his tryst with the hot wings, saying he has to persevere, ‘now that he is married to an Indian’. Priyanka is currently busy promoting her film The White Tiger on various shows. The film released on Netflix on Friday to wide critical acclaim. The White Tiger is directed by Ramin Bahrani with Adarsh Gourav in the lead. It also stars Rajkummar Rao and Priyanka in supporting roles.


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