Aruna to direct short film ‘Ek Ajola Agun’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Talented actress, playwright and director Aruna Biswas is more regular in acting. Sometimes she is also seen in directing. She last produced a drama two years ago. A week ago, ArunaBiswas returned to the country from Canada. However, Aruna believes that in the middle of this month, she is going to make a short film for the first time.
She will also direct her own film ‘EkAjolaAgun’ based on the liberation war. ArunaBiswas said that this short film will be based on the story of the liberation war. Aruna believes that the girls who did not have a father during the war of liberation and later Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman put forth his name as their father’s identity and the house number 32 in Dhanmondi will be highlighted in Aruna’s short film.
Aruna Biswas said, “I have written the story of this film myself. The artiste selection is not done yet. However, I will work with an artiste who is perfect in acting because even though the length of the film is only three minutes. But in these three minutes I will try to tell him nothing. I am grateful to those who gave me the job with full confidence in me. My parents have been a great inspiration for me and it is because of them that I came to earth, to see the light of this world. I am still vowing to try to build myself as a full-fledged human being”
Meanwhile, Aruna Biswas is working as a member of the censor board for the second time. On February 6, she was re-appointed for the next term. Aruna said that she is working keeping in mind that cinema should always play a helpful role in shaping the country. Meanwhile, the movie ‘Shan’ directed by M Rahim starring Aruna Biswas is awaiting release. In it, she has played the role of Puja Chery’s mother.


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