Actor Abdul Kader passes away | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Renowned actor Abdul Kader, who was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer and later tested positive for Covid-19 has died at a hospital in Dhaka, at the age of 69.

Kader went to Chennai on December 8 for treatment after feeling unwell and the doctors there diagnosed him with stage IV pancreatic cancer which already spread to different parts of his body. But the doctors in Chennai could not provide him with chemotherapy due to the his extremely weak and critical health condition.

The actor returned home from Christian Medical Hospital in India’s Chennai on December 20 and straight got admitted to Evercare Hospital, where his coronavirus test result came out positive the next day.
Kader’s family was waiting for further progress of his ailing health so that he can be treated with chemotherapy once his body regained strength, however, things went more critical after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Abdul Kader became a household name for his iconic character Bodi in Humayun Ahmed’s serial Kothao Keu Nei. He had a regular spot on Hanif Sanket’s Ityadi, the most popular magazine show in the country.


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