‘2021 looks real naughty’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

‘Game Of Thrones’ star Sophie Turner says 2021 is looking really naughty to her. The actress shared her views with an image on Instagram.”2021 lookin’ real naughty from where we’re sitting,” she captioned the image, while sharing a picture of her sitting with her pet dogs.
Turner, who garnered a global fan base playing Sansa Stark on ‘Game Of Thrones’, also shared never-before-seen photographs from every month of 2020 on Instagram, including one where she is cradling her baby bump. Sophie Turner got married to musician Joe Jonasin 2019, exchanging vows first in Las Vegas on May 1 and then for a second time in a lavish ceremony in France on June 29. The couple welcomed their daughter Willa in July last year.
In the January 2020 picture, Sophie Turner is seen cradling her belly while posing with husband and his brother Kevin Jonas in Las Vegas. The image is from the time when the pregnancy was not known publicly. In her July photograph, she is seen pointing to a damp patch on the front of her sweatshirt, hinting that she has given birth to Willa. She is yet to share an image of her baby.  


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