Shooting star: Stephen Curry makes 105 straight 3s post-practice


Stephen Curry made 105 straight three-pointers to finish practice Saturday leading into Golden State’s game Sunday game at Chicago.

The Warriors said they captured the final 103 on video at the Bulls’ practice facility. Curry’s shots were counted by his longtime shooting man, assistant Bruce Fraser, and coach Steve Kerr only heard about his shooting star afterward.

“I think his previous record was 77. That’s insane,” Kerr said. “I don’t know if the Guinness Book of World Records still exists. That was one of my favourite books growing up. If it still exists that should go in the book, because we have video evidence now apparently.”

You bet, two-time MVP Curry can still marvel day after day at age 32 and at the start of his 12th NBA season. With his next made three, Curry will have 2,500 for his career — joining only Ray Allen and Reggie Miller to reach that mark.

Draymond Green didn’t witness the all-out downpour, but he is plenty confident in Curry’s count.

“I have zero doubt that he did it. I don’t need to watch a video to see how they went in, any of that,” Green said. “As I’ve always said, obviously the greatest shooter I think to ever play this game. As great as that is, I can’t sit here and act like, `Oh, I’m surprised.’ It’s just not really surprising to me. It’s such an incredible thing but I’m sorry, Steph, it doesn’t really get me up out of my seat that he hit 105 in a row, `cause if you said anyone’s going to hit 105 threess in a row, my guess would be Steph. He’s capable of it. Anything with shooting the basketball he’s capable of doing it.

“It’s dope, super dope.”

Curry said during training camp he would like to stay with the Warriors for good. He was due to make $43 million US this season — his salary is expected to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic — and nearly $45.8 million in 2021-22.

Kerr said Curry got on a record roll and just kept shooting.

“So he choked and couldn’t make the 106th one,” Kerr joked. “I guess he just didn’t have it in him. It’s very disappointing. I guarantee you he didn’t stop. If you’ve made 105 in a row you keep going. I’m pretty sure he missed and just wasn’t up to the challenge.”

Green is listed as questionable for Sunday to make his season debut as he works back from a right foot injury.

“I want to,” Green said of playing. “I just got to get my wind back, my body feels amazing.”



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