‘Wonder Woman 1984’ | Anatomy of a Scene


”I‘m Patty Jenkins. I am the director of Wonder Woman 1984.” ”We need the police here right now!” So this is a scene which we had so much fun doing. It is the first scene in the film that happens to take place in current day. The only thing we‘ve seen leading up to this is a flashback. And the first scene where we see Wonder Woman as an adult in our film. ”What are you doing?” What was most important to me about this scene, was when I thought about what we were going to do with the second film, I realized we wanted to say something much more serious and kind of important than we did with the first film. So the immediate thing is, how do you do that and reach the audience that is most important to reach with that kind of message? Which is the youth audience. It‘s the heroes of tomorrow you‘re trying to inspire. So we immediately wanted to have a fun and engaging playful scene, which I‘m very excited to be with kids and watch them watch this scene. In addition, I was craving seeing Wonder Woman at the height of her powers and having a good time, saving the day with no stakes. It‘s something that I love in so many superhero films. ”We won‘t be doing that today.” Where they‘re just on top of the world and you‘re watching them take care of everything. Another thing was, the ’80s of it all. Lynda Carter‘s Wonder Woman was such a huge moment for Wonder Woman and her history in the world, and huge to me, because that‘s what I grew up watching. So getting to play with that version of Wonder Woman, which was something we hadn‘t gotten to touch on yet in the first film, was something that I realized I wanted to do right up front, because our story would not allow for her to have much more of that, because I always end up engaged with the main character‘s point of view. So of course, she goes into struggles immediately and doesn‘t get to just let loose and have fun. So that was a great thing to get into ala the ’80s of it all, but also employing new technology. All of these things, including this shot right here of these human bodies slamming, and Wonder Woman jumping over the barrier and flying through the air. 100% real, not one digi double, not one special effect to make that happen. That was all wire work that we were able to design and engineer to get every single move there, because no one‘s ever tried to do something like this in a real location. And so that was an incredible challenge, great artisans and my amazing second unit director, Dan Bradley, my amazing stunt coordinator, Rob Inch. We just had incredible people working on this and making these magical things happen. And my cast here, of course, you know, made it a pure delight. [SIRENS]



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