Actor Jon Cryer finds lost wedding ring thanks to Vancouver jewelry sleuth


Vancouver’s Chris Turner says his passion for helping people recover lost jewelry is all about the smiles.

On Sunday, he got a big one from American actor Jon Cryer.

The star, best known for his role in the sitcom Two and a Half Men, is in Vancouver filming another project. In a lengthy Twitter post that’s been shared by thousands of others, he said he lost his wedding ring while out walking in the rain along the seawall under the Cambie Street Bridge on Friday night near Cooper’s Park.

That’s where Turner enters the story.

The ring finder

He’s been using metal detectors since the 1970s to uncover hidden things and for the past 30 years has had a side business of helping people like Cryer.

Cryer, who was married in 2007, said he searched online for a service that could help him find the ring and found Turner’s It’s a global directory of people who search for lost items.

“I’ve found peoples’ lost jewelry, lost keys, lost cell phones, buried treasure, hidden treasure,” he said.

On Saturday he met Cryer where the ring went missing in an attempt to find it, but admitted chances were low.

Actor Jon Cryer’s wedding ring. He was married in 2007. (Chris Turner)

“The chances were so slim that his ring would have fallen off his hand and rolled into the grass … like five per cent chance,” he said.

Turner believed that it was more likely that someone had already found it or it had gone into the ocean along the seawall where many people walk or ride their bicycles.

He offered to do an ocean search in a wetsuit at low tide, but it turned out, that wasn’t needed.

‘I’m still beside myself’

Using a few different metal detectors he found Cryer’s ring in some grass along the pathway, plucked it out and presented it to the stunned actor.

“I stammer out ‘Are you serious?!?'” he wrote in the Twitter post. “I look closer: Yep. I’m still beside myself.”

Turner won’t say how much Cryer paid for the recovery of the ring but says he was very generous and kind.

“The odds were not in his favour but I was just so happy when I found it and gave it back to him,” said Turner, who recorded giving the ring back to Cryer and posted the video on YouTube.

Turner said in the last eleven years his company has recovered more than 7,000 items. Turner asks people to pay him what they think he deserves.

He also works in the film industry, but said he loves his part-time job. With the pandemic, he says he’s been busier than usual as people are at home more and losing items while doing things like playing with their children outside.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had because you get to meet people and you get to put a smile back on their face,” he said.



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