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The use of different platforms for online meetings and necessary work has increased significantly in the Covid 19 situation. Experts predict that its use will increase in the future. Realizing this need, Synesis IT, a leading company in the domestic information & technology sector, is going to bring a world-class video conferencing platform. The RND wing of the company is already close to achieving its target.

The current open-source platforms do not carry more than 20 people loads, are associated with painful noises, and none of them work with any audio system. Besides, it is ok for the conference of 4/5 people, but if it is more than 10/15 people, it can’t take the pressure. Also, besides open source platforms, there are currently platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, which are used around the world. Group CEO of Synesis IT Rupayan Chowdhury said, “Our platform will have some fundamental features that will give users a different experience. We started with a few important things in mind, that there will be about 1200 participants in a video meeting, the audio or sound quality will be immensely high quality. Users can easily have HD quality web meetings from their PC with very little bandwidth that will be much more affordable for the users.

Besides, there are significant issues for users of this type of platform that is information and cybersecurity. We are using Synesis IT’s own and high strength security system in every part of this system. It is to be noted that Synesis IT has already got the ISO-27001 certification for using high quality and powerful information security system.”

Besides Bangladesh Synesis IT has registered in the United States as well as in the Australia. With this video conference platform, its target market will be the United States and Australia besides Bangladesh.

 He hopes they can start working on it in the first quarter of next year.

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