Robi-10 Minute School brings digital skill development courses

Private mobile operator Robi has launched Digital Marketing Masterclass, a certification course model with the objective to offer an online learning platform on digital marketing for students and young professionals.

In collaboration with Robi-10 Minute School, Robi took this initiative with two specialised courses named Digital Marketing and Content Creation, said a press release on Sunday.

The courses will be taught by Ayman Sadiq, founder and CEO of Robi-10 Minute School and Sadman Sadik respectively.

Robi, with its wide countrywide network coverage, is paving the way to cater to the digital skill development needs of the people.

The need of online learning and skill development has increased manifold in recent times with number of students, entrepreneurs and professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and learning on digital media as most of the businesses and jobs are highly focused on digital marketing now-a-days.

As the country gears up to enter into the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Robi-10 Minute School is playing a pivotal role in imparting knowledge and skills among the youth through online learning.

The certification courses offer learning opportunities on E-commerce, growth hacking, graphic designing for content creators, content marketing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and future marketers with the overall knowledge of digital media to prepare them for future job market.