Tigers start work from home for a week

Tigers start work from home for a week


Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) yet another launched ‘work from home’ programme for a week to stem the spread of the newly-emerged deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The governments across the world have warned its people that the second spell of the COVID-19 can worsen the overall situation of the country and the globe as well.

As a part of precautionary measures, the apex body of the country’s cricket has embarked on the programme of ‘work from home’ once again ahead of the small group training programme.

The BCB adopted a very cautious step to bring their national cricketers back to the cricket field prior to their international assignment as Bangladesh are scheduled to tour to Sri Lanka in September for a Test series.

The series is a part of the International Cricket Council (ICC)-World Test Championship (WTC), comprising three Tests, starting on October 24.

“We had planned that when we start the small group or team wise practice after individual training sessions, we will not allow even groundsmen in the stadium.

It has been done for the further safety and security of the players ahead of the next series,” BCB director and its media & publication Committee Chairman Jalal Younus said. However, BCB Media Manager Rabeed Imam said it has been done as a part of overall safety and security measures.

“This week has been defined for ‘work from home’. Only essential officials will be allowed to come. The roster has been furnished accordingly,” BCB Media Manager Rabeed Imam said.

“It’s not related to players’ new-phase of training module ‘Small Group Training Programme or Individual Training Sessions. It has been done as a part of overall security measures,” Rabeed told the country’s leading web portal.


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