Salahuddin wants trophies, not flowers from players

After being elected the President of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) for the fourth time, Kazi Mohammad Salahuddin met footballers from the national team and various clubs of Bangladesh Premier League. The footballers had earlier told Kazi Salahuddin that they would talk about the new football season after the election with some of their demands.

Salahuddin met 35 footballers at BFF house on Tuesday. They met with Salahuddin and congratulated him and presented their demands. They have written to the BFF president on the issues of debt for the abandoned season and remuneration for the new season.

When the footballers congratulated Kazi Mohammad Salauddin with flowers, the BFF president, said, “Give me trophies, not flowers. Today you have brought flowers after my victory. If you can win a trophy and give it to me, I will be happier.”

“I listened to your demands,” the BFF president told the players. “I will say one thing. I have to be as strict as possible for the development of football. Everything will run according to the rules. You have to play well on the field. If you do well, football will improve.”


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