Wealth can never control politics: Hasan

RANGUNIYA, Chattogram, Jan 23, 2021 (BSS) – Information Minister Dr
Hasan Mahmud today said it can’t never be happened that money and
wealth will control politics, and wealth can never control politics.

“When wealth controls politics, politics is sold. We can’t sell
politics to wealth. Politics will be in the hand of political workers
and it should keep in mind everyone,” he told an extended meeting of
Ranguniya upazila Awami League here.

Upazila chairman Swajan Kumar Talukder, Pourashava mayor Md
Shahjahan Shikder Abul Kashem Chisti and local Awami League leaders
addressed the meeting.

Ichakhali upazila AL general secretary Engineer Shamsul Alam
Talukder conducted the meeting with senior vice president Abdul Monaf
Shikder in the chair.

Mentioning all leaders and workers, Hasan said, “Everyone is the
worker of the party and our main destination is Bangladesh Awami
League. We, among of us, have become lawmakers through election, union
parishad chairman, mayor or councillor or member as an activist. But
our main address is the party. For this, organizational strength of
party is most important.”

He said Awami League is in power for four times while the party is
in office for three times in a row. “We are in power for three times
in a row for of the dynamic leadership, foresight, courage and
patience of Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina along
with tackling the crisis as well as our organizational strength and
expansion at the grassroots,” he added.

He, however, said many have been suffering from laziness as the
party is in power for three times. It must be shaken off, he added.

He said there are also many intruders and opportunists in the party.
“We should remain alert against them,” said Hasan, also Awami League
joint general secretary.

The minister said Awami League Ranguniya unit is a united
organization and its organizational strength is deep. For this, the
party got successes in every election during the last couple of years,
he added.

Urging all AL leaders and workers, he said, “Our main destination is
the party and we are in state power for the party. For this, we should
give more importance to the party activities and the dedicated and
loyal activists will be given priority while giving nomination. We
have to keep in mind that in the case of elections who are trusted to
our party president and who have worked for the party in difficult


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