RMP launches digital database to check juvenile gang

RAJSHAHI, Jan 17, 2021 (BSS)- Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) has launched a digital database for the first time in the country aimed at checking the crimes being committed by members of the juvenile gangs.

Related information along with photographs and mobile phone numbers of around 400 juveniles who were found involved in crimes including extortion, kidnapping, snatching and eve teasing were inserted in the database. Particulars of their respective parents and guardians were also preserved for any emergency communication with them.

Besides, Rajshahi city has been brought under close circuit (CC) camera to spot the criminals quickly. Hallo RMP App has also been opened to receive quick information about the criminals. With this breakthrough, Rajshahi city has started transforming into a digital city in terms of curbing crimes.

RMP Commissioner A Kalam Siddique said juvenile criminals were found involved in criminal activities during the last couple of months. Their involvements were found in most of the criminal activities of motorbike parties, drug addiction and trading, snatching, eve teasing and killing.

Under such situation, RMP has launched a crackdown against the juvenile gangs and the juvenile gang criminals in order to check the crimes side by side with bringing a correction to them in October last.

Since then, the RMP have, so far, arrested 400 youths as part of its drive against the juvenile gang from different parts of the city.

However, the juveniles were later handed over to their guardians after taking written assurance from them that they will no longer remain involved in any criminal gang. Some of them were also sent to jail on charges of cognizable offences.

He said the juvenile gang members in various areas of the city under the guidance of their elder brothers, influential persons or Mastans were engaging in various terrorist activities.

Those juvenile gang members were also being engaged in drug addiction, teasing women and often in clashes and altercation in the areas and even the incidents of murder and rape are often being occurred.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Bangladesh Police Dr Benazir Ahmed has formally inaugurated the Juvenile Digital Database and Hallo RMP APP on December 27 last.

Commissioner Kalam Siddique said movement of the youths is being monitored regularly. Their criminal activities have been reduced to a greater extent as a result of the digital database.

A total of 200 CC cameras were already installed in different important points and spots in the city to spot different criminal activities like theft and snatching and another 300 cameras will be installed in phases.

He said the RMP has been working to bring the metropolis under digital services to mark the Mujib borsho, the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Apart from this, all sorts of public services like police clearance certificate, online GD and 999 national emergency services from RMP were simplified through the newly launched Hallo RMP App.

“We are committed to ensuring modern policing services everywhere in the city,” he said, adding both police and public will be benefited with the services.


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