Religious ministry needs to raise social awareness to prevent terrorism

DHAKA, Nov 23, 2020 (BSS) – The Ministry of Religious Affairs has issued a notification to increase social awareness in preventing militant and terrorist activities.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs issued the notification today to increase the involvement of people from all walks of life to increase social awareness to prevent, eradicate and control militant and terrorist activities.

“Islam is the path to peace, welfare and liberation for the human race,” the circular said. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) established peace, security and the rights of all human beings by removing fear, instability, insecurity and conflict from a society of ignorance, darkness and fear”, it said.

In order to destroy the growing popularity of Islam, some evil forces are carrying out terrorist and militant activities from time to time. This hurts the image of religious people including the scholarly community. Terrorism and militancy are a global challenge, it said.

It has been mentioned in the circular that anti-terrorism and militancy statements should be prepared in the light of Holy Quran and Hadith through Muftis, Muhaddis, Mufassirs and other scholars working in the Islamic Foundation and regular publicity should be ensured through Khatib-Imams of all local mosques.

Khatib-imams of all mosques will ensure anti-terrorism and anti-militancy speeches before the Friday prayers. Necessary steps have to be taken to disseminate the statements with correct interpretations of the Holy Quran and Hadith through online as well as various social media.