No pirates can build safe shelters in coastal areas: Kamal

CHATTOGRAM, Nov 12, 2020 (BSS)-Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today warned that no pirates or bandits will be allowed to build safe shelters in the coastal areas of the country.

He made the remark while addressing an arms surrender function held on Banshkhali Adarsh High School playground this afternoon to mark the surrender of 34 pirates from the coastal areas of Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar districts after handing over 90 fire arms.

At that time, the pirates apologized for their past activities and expressed their determination to return to a normal life.

Speaking at the function the minister said that no pirates or bandits would be allowed to build safe shelters on the coast.

“We have elite force RAB, police, coast guard, if necessary BGB. You can escape by remaining fugitive, but you cannot build a haven in the coastal area of the country,” the minister added.

Warning pirates Kamal said “If you don’t surrender, you know what will happen after facing law enforcement agencies in future.”

Asking the rest of the pirates to surrender to the law enforcement agencies Kamal conveyed sincere thanks to all those who have already surrendered before the law enforcement agencies.

The minister expressed his determination to root out the bandits on the coast.

“Those who have not yet surrendered should not think that nothing will happen to them. Whatever you are doing, we see all your activities and you cannot escape. Members of our law enforcement agencies are now more efficient and capable than ever before,” the minister added.

He said the people of the coastal areas were once held hostage by these pirates.
“Even if borrowed, the robbers had to pay the demanded money. The ransom was collected by keeping the fishermen detained.

The surrender of the bandits began on 31 May, 2016 with the surrender of the infamous Master bahini in the Sundarbans of Khulna,” he added.

So far, 328 pirates from various coasts have surrendered till now, he added.

The minister said that some financial assistance was initially given to the Sundarbans bandits to create self-employment. Regular contact is being maintained with them, he added.

RAB-7 captain Lieutenant Colonel Mashiur Rahman presided over the function while former Minister Shamsul Haque Tuku MP, President of the Parliamentary Committee on the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mostafizur Rahman MP, Ashekullah Rafiq MP, IGP Dr Benazir Ahmed, Home Ministry Senior Secretary Mostafa Kamal Uddin, and Additional Director General of RAB-7 Col.

Tofail Mostafa Sarwar, among others, spoke on the occasion.


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