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Schoolgirl Anushka buried at family graveyard in Kushtia

Anushka Noor Amin, an ‘O’ level student of Mastermind School who died due to rape, was buried at their family graveyard at Gopalpur Eidgah Maidan in Piarpur of Kushtia district on Saturday morning.

She was laid to rest beside her grandfather and grandmother’s graves after a namaz-e-janaza held the Eidgah Maidan around 7:05am.

Family members reached Kushtia from Dhaka with Anushka’s body at 1am.

Hundreads of people gathered in front of the victim’s house from the early hours to see her once for the last time.

The neighbours, who took part in the janaza, denounced the heinous murder and demanded capital punishment of the killer.

It was learnt that that 18-year-old Tanveer Iftekhar Dihan, the lone accused, took Anushka to his flat at Dolphin Golli in Kalabagan on Thursday noon alluring Anushka over mobile phone. Then Dihan raped Anushka several times getting her alone in his flat. At one stage of the inhumane rape by the accused, the victim’s vagina and rectum were fractured and she started bleeding profusely.

As the victim fell sick, the accused drove her to Anwer Khan Modern Hospital to divert the incident where she succumbed to her injuries.

Anushka’s father filed a case against Dihan with Kalabagan Police Station at 1.30am on Friday.

The incident was proved in preliminary investigation. Besides, the accused confessed his involvement in the rape.



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