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RCC installs modern street lighting system

Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC) has been installing a modern lighting system on different roads and important crossings to ensure security of people and vehicles during night time movement in the city.

The city corporation has already installed 16 modern lighting systems at 15 important street crossings at a cost of around Taka 7.5 crore, BSS reports.

To make Rajshahi city more bright and attractive at night, the high altitude flood lights are being installed in the city areas.

After installation of a modern lighting system, nearly half kilometre radius of the respective light is being illuminated.

City Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Liton on Thursday inaugurated a modern street light system on the Bilsimla-Kasiadanga road being elevated to four-lane with necessary other infrastructures at a cost of around Taka 26.75 crore.

“We have elevated the city road to 80-feet wide from 30-feet with ten feet wide footpath and seven feet wide drain on both sides,” the mayor said.

A decorative island has been constructed while trees were already planted on the island to bring a greenery look there, he said.

A separate bicycle lane has also been constructed on the road.

Each lighting tower is 56 feet in height holding 20 LED lights.

The city corporation has also planned for improving the modern lighting system on both sides of the east-waste connecting road from Alif Lam Meem Bhata crossing to Choddapaya at a cost of around Taka 4.5 crore.

“We are going to install street lighting on both sides of the widened roads from Upashahar crossing to Sonadighi crossing and from Malopara to Sagarpara crossing at a cost of around Taka 2.5 crore,” Liton added.



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