Boro planting by rice transplanters in Rajshahi begins – Countryside –

Photo: Observer

Boro paddy saplings will be planted on 150 bighas of land at Singa village in Durgapur upazila of Rajshahi district by transplanting machine under the government incentive.

This method is used to reduce the production cost of the farmers and manual labour of the workers, and also to increase the productivity of the paddy.

The farmers of Singa village are passing busy time in transplantation of seedlings.

The fields in the area are abundant with cultivation of potatoes, onions, mustard, maize, wheat, sunflower and others winter vegetables.

Boro paddy is expected to be cultivated on 5,190 hectares of land in the upazila during the current season.

Under the guidance of the Agriculture Office, the deputy assistant agriculture officers have been inspiring farmers to adopt various technologies. Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Mokhleshur Rahman is supervising it.

Some 45 farmers are working to fill 2,100 plastic trays of different sizes mixing 2cm of organic manure with soil sowed 120-150 gram of germinated seeds in each tray. The seeds are covered with soil.

At the end of January, rice seedlings will be planted on 150 bighas of land through rice transplanter.

Farmers Khalid Hasan, Shimul and Babar of the village said they got fertilizer and seedlings for free from the government.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Mashiur Rahman said the government has taken a project under agricultural incentive each in 64 districts of the country. Durgapur upazila of Rajshahi is under its jurisdiction to implement the project.

The Department of Agriculture is working to expand the technology.


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