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Popular face on small and big screensis Peya Bipasha. The Lux star left acting and moved to the United States. There she became busy with her husband and family. After a long absence, PeyaBipasha returned to the country in August this year. He is also currently starring in a short film. The name is ‘Togor’. Mushfiqur and Farhan are starring opposite PeyaBipasha in it. The short film is directed by young producer Abdullah Al Fahim.
PeyaBipasha said, I returned to the country in August this year. I came back to the country after almost a year. The actress further said that she came to the country alone to travel and spend time with her familyIn the meantime; I have taken part in photo shoots of several bands. I will return to the United States again at the end of this month. And Fahim is a very close younger brother of mine, so I worked on this short film at his request.
Producer Fahim said, “This is my first job. Peya and Farhan are both very good. It’s great to work with them.” I got it from them exactly as I wanted. Especially Mushfiqur Farhan Brother has worked hard for the job. And performed impossibly well. I have been thinking for a long time that I will do something action type. I started working with that thought. The production company of this short film is Sarkar Media and the producer is SarkarSumon.
I have just finished shooting; post production is going on, just waiting for release. The YouTube channel of Sarkar Media will be released soon. Besides, Harun Rashid and ShaonMajumder have played important roles here. I have tried my best to give the gift of a different level of work and now I am happy to receive visitors.
Incidentally, PeyaBipasha entered the showbiz arena in 2012 through the Lux Superstar competition. He made his big screen debut in 2016 with the film ‘Rudra the Gangster’. ABM Sumon was the peer hero in this. Since then he has acted in several films including ‘Moner Raja’, ‘Atoprem Ato Maya’.


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