Tinni’s new song

Few days ago, ‘Serakontho’ famed singer Kaniz Khadiza Tinni got appreciation from all to render a song in a TV drama. After taking few days’ break, she again appeared among the music-lovers with her new song titled “Tomake chai”. MamunAfnan Rumi wrote lyrics of the song while Muhammad Milon composed its tune. RoniHosein arranged music of the song.
Muhammad Milon himself also lent his voice for the song with Tinni. Milon has numerous popular songs like “Sokhibhalobasakare koi”, “Polokepoloke”, “Lokkhisona”, etc. Milon is not only a successful singer but also a music composer. Tinni rendered the song with that successful music composer and singer. The song was released in a YouTube channel on Friday.While talking about releasing her new song Tinnisaid, “I want to render duet song after proper understanding. It is no doubt MilonBhai is a successful singer and music composer.
I knew about him, so I agreed to lend my voice for the song with him. I also liked lyrics and tunes of the song, which was released on Saturday. I believe music-lovers will enjoy the song. Now listeners will give their judgment.” Tinni also informed that she gave audition end of last month to enlist her name as singer at Bangladesh Television. Within very short she will get its result. The singer is also busy with numerous new songs.


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