Tawsif tests COVID-19 negative | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Tawsif Mahbub was not affected by COVID-19; his test results came negative on Wednesday. “I posted on Facebook ’emotionally’,” he told a local media on Wednesday evening.
Defending himself, Tawsif said, “My wife was infected with COVID 10 days ago. I was stood by her side. I kept myself in isolation for 9 days, assuming – I might have affected by the virus. So, I posted on Facebook emotionally.” About the shooting of a drama in the Karwan Bazar area, the actor said there were a few scenes left. “I took part in the shooting out of responsibility. Since I didn’t have the virus symptoms, I did the shooting,” he added.
Earlier, Tawsif himself wrote on the Facebook status that he and his wife had contracted COVID. After informing the news, he “took part in the shooting” of a drama directed by Rafat Majumder at Karwan Bazar in the capital on Tuesday. For this, an embarrassing situation has been created in the showbiz arena.