Sharlin’s ‘Unoponchash Batash’ to be screened in Chattogram | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Director Masud Hasan Ujjal has created a happy atmosphere in an environment where the halls are open but there are no pictures. He said that his film ‘Unoponchash Batash’ is going to be released on October 23 at Star Cineplex in Dhaka.
This time, he said, the film will also be screened in Chattogram. The movie will be released on the silver screen of the port city on the same day.
Masud Hasan Ujjal said, “I postponed the release of the film on March 13 in hopes of a healthy and normal world. In the meantime, 7 months have passed since the lockdown! I think it’s important to keep our mental health well right now. I arranged the release of the film with that in mind.”
He also explained why it is not in the general theaters of the country. He said, “Everyone who knows me personally knows how constitutional I am, and I don’t like mismanagement and murkiness. The problem is that the method of calculating income and expenditure from the single screens of our country is very traditional and opaque. When released across the country, the film becomes very popular and the people involved in the film seem very influential. I am a small person, willing to make losses knowingly, but not by falling in traps. The film will gradually come to other theaters in the country.”
Sharlin Farzana and Imtiaz Barshon have played the lead roles in ‘Unoponchash Batash’. The director said, its story is about love that can turn noise into solitude. The film is produced by Asif Hanif under the banner of Red October and Syeda Shaon is the executive producer.


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