Shanu’s short film ‘The Ash’ reaches new heights | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

The two sisters are sellers. At the call of the stomach, they wandered the streets of Dhaka and sold ashes. That morning started like every other day. The two sisters were walking in the alley with a bundle of ashes. But something happened suddenly in the lives of the two sisters, so that the end of the day was not like every day. What happened? Who comes into the lives of two sisters? What the psychopath Evan Sair is doing in this story can be found in the three-minute short film ‘The Ash’.
Written and directed by Shuaib Ahmed, the film stars Evan Sair, Shanarei Devi Shanu and Sonia Refat. It was originally built for the My Road Reel Shortfilm Festival, the world’s largest short film festival held every year in London. Shanarei Devi Shanu said, “When we went to the alley and called people to keep the ashes for their home … many housewives were peeking out the windows to keep the ashes. I did it with a lot of fun. Hopefully, Shuaib Bhai’s dream will come true through this.”
Shuaib Ahmed, the director of the short film, said, “The story has been in my mind for a long time. It was not being made. In the meanwhile, watching the news of London’s Myroad Shortfilm Festival, I made a multi-faceted engagement. It has been submitted to the festival.”Actor Evan Sair said, “I have acted in many roles. This is the first time I played a psychopath. The character was very challenging. However, seeing the expressions of the crew, I understood that I was able to pull it off well. Now the opinion of the audience will show how successful I have been.”


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