Safa’s new drama ‘Chilekothar Bhalobasha’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Safa Kabir is one of the most popular actresses in the country. She has started working in a new drama titled ‘Chilekothar Bhalobasha’. This time she is going to work opposite to popular Kolkata actor Rishi Kaushik. He gained popularity in Bangladesh for his acting in ‘Isti Kutum’ and ‘Akhane Akash Neel’. ‘Chilekothar Bhalobasha’ has been written by Afrin Zaman Leena and directed by Rakesh Basu, the work is now underway in Srimangal.
Regarding acting, Rishi Kaushik said, “I have come to Bangladesh for the first time to act. Director Rakesh Basu had been in touch with me for some time about the work in the drama. I have heard that Rakesh makes qualitiful dramas. In this drama, my character is quite good. I am also fascinated by the natural beauty of Bangladesh. I hope the drama will be enjoyable.”
As can be seen in the story of the drama, Rishi is the architect of an organization in India. He came to Srimangal in Bangladesh for office needs. But he did not stay in the hotel but took shelter in the attic of a house. Safa Kabir lives in that house.
Although the introduction of the two of them was not pleasant, at one time affection forms between them. But the outcome is different. Safa Kabir said, “The drama is being made with a completely different story, not a conventional one. In it, my character is a girl with cancer. Moreover, shooting is taking place in the natural beauty of Srimangal. It feels good.”The drama, produced by Ravi Kiran Production House, will be aired on a private TV channel soon, said director Rakesh Basu.


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