Randeepa very supportive and collaborative: Urvashi | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Former beauty queen and Bollywood starlet Urvashi Rautela is ecstatic about collaborating with actor Randeepa Hooda on a Neeraj Pathak project. The actress, who plays his love interest in this upcoming show, is a self-proclaimed Randeep Hooda fan and has been following his work quite religiously.
She told the media, “Well, it was an incredible experience working with Randeep Hooda. I mean, he’s one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood today! I’ve watched a lot of his work and I love all of them, however, my top three picks are his roles in ‘Highway’, ‘Sarabhjit’, and the Hollywood movie ‘Extraction’.
Be it his raw, authentic Haryanvi character in ‘Highway’, or his heart-wrenching performance in ‘Sarabhjit’, none of his roles can be discredited. I’m just truly grateful to have gotten this opportunity to work with him. He’s one actor who gives all his heart and soul to his characters, a trait that I totally resonate with. I just want to personally thank Randeep Hooda and my director Neerraj Pathak giving me this opportunity (sic).”
“Behind the scenes is actually a lot more work than people believe it to be. Unlike my other roles, this role has been exceptionally challenging for me as it required me to undergo a complete physical and visual transformation. I can’t wait for the audience to see it, it’s something completely different. Also, my co-star, Randeep Hooda, has been very supportive and helpful throughout this journey so far. He’s always checking up on me, and we actually have great conversations about movies, acting, and a lot more behind the scenes. I’m nothing but grateful to him for being such a great co-star,” she added when quizzed about the vibe they had shared on set.


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