Raising star Adiie Adnan | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Adnan Liaquat, popularly known as Adiie Adnan, an avid travel vlogger and emerging musician based in USA. This young artist has already been able to attract the attention of music lovers with his multi-faceted musical talent from all around the world. Adnan was born in the Sylhet district of Bangladesh, but grew up in Dhaka.
For over two decades he is in America. His family moved to America shortly before he finished middle school in Dhaka and since then, I have completed my studies here, graduating from Berkley College in business and IT management.
Adnan is very passionate about music. Instead of confining himself to one style of music, he has been experimenting with various styles. Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for music. It is his belief that music is all about the connection between the artist and the audience, so my work is available across all social channels for everyone to enjoy and I make an effort to connect with my followers all across the globe.  He seems like a fitness enthusiast, he believes if you invest in your body, your body will take care of you later on in your life.
Adnan is quite involved in travel vlogging, he got the travel bug during his early days in Sylhet, which is one of the premier tourist destinations in Bangladesh. From the Amish Villages of Lancaster to Ithaca Falls in New York, he love exploring different tourist spots in America and my audiences like to experience them though my lens and commentary.
— Tareq Iqbal, AA


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