‘Raat Jaga Phul’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Television artiste Mir Sabbir, who has been working for two decades in TV, is set to make his debut as a film director with ‘Raat Jaga Phul’, a project funded by the government. At the end of the year, ‘Raat Jaga Phul’ will be released. Mir Sabbir has written and directed the story, dialogue, screenplay and lyrics of the movie. In the meantime, the shooting of the movie has been completed. Paste production of the movie is currently underway.
Regarding the main theme of the movie and the release of the movie, Mir Sabbir said, “Just like flowers bloom in the dark, in the darkness of our society, some people take themselves forward and lead the society on the path to God.” This is the main theme of my story.
The cinema work has been completed quite well with the help of my entire unit and the artists. In the meantime, the work of the song is almost over. I hope to be able to release my Raag Jaga Full InshaAllah as the last movie of the year in the last week of next December. ‘Raat Jaga Phul’ is my dream movie, so with a lot of hard work, I have finished the work.
Mir Sabbir’s production company ‘Fuljhuri Media Limited’ is the co-producer of this government-sponsored film. Dilara Zaman, Abul Hayat, Sharmili Ahmed, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Dr Ejazul Islam, Nazneen Chumki, Jayraj, Abu Haraira Tanvir, Oishee and many others have acted in it along with Mir Sabbir. Mir Sabir will soon start work on a new serial drama ‘Makarsha’. At the moment he is acting in several serial dramas.


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