Paayel to play as a psychiatrist in film ‘Magic’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Paayel Sarkar plays a crucial role in Raja Chanda’s ‘Magic’. Talking about the film and her character, Paayel informed, “I have never played a psychiatrist before and while shooting for the film, I found it extremely satisfying as an actor.
It has a lot of shades. What I liked about the character is its graph, which makes it more interesting. When you hear the word magic, it immediately creates a ripple of what you think can happen and what you actually experience! The film will keep the audience in a space that will give them a feeling of conflict and enchantment.
This movie is a thrilling tale of two people going through major ups and downs in lives. How the psychiatrist gets into these two people’s lives is something I can’t disclose now. All I can say, it is a tale of relationships, extreme emotions that generally stay hidden, purest love and human behaviour, and a little more which the audience has to figure out.”
Speaking of how she enjoyed this Durga Puja in this new normal, the actress said, “Everything was virtual for me this year. I just went downstaits to get a glimpse of Ma Durga in our complex and to seek her blessings.”


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