‘Not only men, many ladies have problems with women’s clothes’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Not only men but many ladies even have problems with women’s clothing. As everyone always tells me, once I check out it, I do not think I even have the power to write down a book. Once I was new, many of our senior actresses laughed tons ahead of me about my clothes.  A couple of days ago, I uploaded a video of some dances in Corona, and there was a female dancer talking about my body posture. She said I danced just to urge likes. So not only boys but also many ladies have tons of problems with girls’ clothes. Because they’re physically male within the female brain.  Judging by watching clothes is our old habit. I don’t know the solution to how we’ll get out of this. But we’ve to protest. Allow us to not lose everything at some point while remaining silent. If you see someone who is more successful than you, you’ll think that he’s not qualified; in fact he has succeeded during a dishonest way. Because we will not take anyone more successful than me. Don’t check out the girls’ clothes, check out her work. See his perseverance.


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