Nadia busy with a long drama series | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Nadia has been busy with acting for several years now. Meanwhile, RTV has aired the 400th episode of Nadia starrer ‘Cheating Master’. The play is composed and directed by Sanjit Sarkar.
Speaking about her performance in the play, Nadia said, “The four hundredth episode of the Cheating Master series has already been aired. For this I am sincerely grateful to the whole unit of this drama. I have been awarded Best Actress for two years in a row for this play. I was awarded the RTV Star Award. I am very happy for the whole team for this. ‘Meanwhile, Salha Khanam Nadia finished work on the play ‘House No. Ninety Six’ directed by Mahmudur Rahman Himi yesterday.
In it, she has acted opposite Irfan Sajjad. The serial drama ‘Paribar’ starring Nadia has started airing on ATN Bangla on January 3. It is directed by Rasheda Akhter Lajuk. In it, Tanvir, the famous actor of ‘Gahin Baluchar’, has acted opposite Nadia. Nadia also came into the limelight after working as a model for Runa Laila’s song ‘Feraate Parini Ar’ released from Dhruv Music Station. Earlier, Nadia also came into the limelight as a model in Miftah’s song ‘Please Nijer Kheyal Raikho’. The actress added, ‘The fun of working in a long series is different. And if those plays are to the liking of the audience, then it works even better. I always like to work in serial dramas. ‘


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