‘Every human being has a personal life…’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Actress-singer Mithila has recently been the victim of cyber bullying among Bangladeshi artists. But this is the first time she has stood up against it, “Don’t think about girls’ personal lives, and think about your own life.”After tying the knot with renowned Kolkata director Srijit, she is being harassed in various ways on social media. However, she has been completely silent on this issue for so long.
This time, she has officially shared her experiences with her personal life and the reaction of a class of men to the constant attacks on women on social media.Last Friday (December 11) she posted a video message on her Instagram. With the hashtag # 16daysofactivism, Mithila said, ‘Every human being has a personal life. There are some decisions of his or her own. And those decisions affect his or her life. Not your life. ‘
She added, “But there are many of us who are very passionate about the personal lives of others. They don’t hesitate to talk about other people’s personal lives and decisions, especially on social media. We have to refrain from harassing women on social media, making vulgar remarks. The decision of others should be given priority. ‘The Srijit-Mithila couple is now in Kolkata. They had a great time on December 6 at the Sundarbans region. Because, this was their first wedding anniversary.
Regarding this joyous visit, Mithila said, ‘Even though most of the Sundarbans is in Bangladesh, I have not visited the place before. However, it is very close to Kolkata. We rented a boat and left early in the morning. I have seen huge Bengal monitors, deer, monkeys etc. However, I didn’t see tiger. I spent the whole night in the boat and listened to songs of Srijit. We had a great time. ‘


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