Nabab LLB’s trailer gets response | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Shakib Khan’s will-reluctance is not a low price! In the past, the hero’s step motherly behavior affected movies like ‘Nolok’ or ‘Rajneeti’. Although the trailer of ‘Nabab LLB’ has been released this time, the hero is not in any publicity about the next release of Corona. Mahiya Mahi did not even share on her official Facebook page.
Despite this, the trailer has attracted a lot of interest among the viewers. Although director Ananya Mamun’s previous films were disappointing, this time many have started changing the tune. What is happening in this movie! Earlier, Shakib Khan had accused the director of falsifying the schedule more than once. Mahi to match the tune. Then it is heard that ‘Nabab LLB’ has to be seen in half of the rest of the app. However, a source says, the whole rumor. Instead, Shakib wants the film to be released in theaters. But the producers want to release on the OTT platform.
At least four women are raped every day in the country. Also as various papers and magazines. Most of the rape victims do not go to seek justice or sue due to social taboos. And those who go are the victims of various harassments. In the name of justice, police, doctors, courtrooms are all facing mental torture. The woman’s character was killed in the name of hearing the case in the courtroom. It’s all in ‘Nabab LLB!’ At least the trailer says so. ‘Nabab LLB’ will be seen in the new App I Theater on December 16 at 8 pm.


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