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Do you dream about the ‘Avengers’ gang returning to their roles from the big screen? Marvel is here to grant your wish. During The Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day presentation on Thursday, Kevin Feign, president, Marvel Studios, and chief creative officer, Marvel, gave an exclusive first look at the studios’ first animated series, ‘What If…?’
‘What If…?’ is based on the monthly comic book series of the same name created by Roy Thomas in the 1977. Uatu, the Watcher, presents stories from other universes and timelines that show the path some of your favorite characters could have taken. But not all of them have a happy ending.
Let’s take a look at the classic comic series for an idea of the other universes we might see in the new series.
In ‘What If…?’ #1, Thomas wrote that he didn’t want these Marvel tales labeled as imaginary; they were real, just not in the Earth-616 universe we know.
The first series of intriguing tales of alternate Earths each started with Uatu, the Watcher, narrating the story, showing first how it originally happened in the pages of Marvel Comics, and then how it happened on another Earth.
‘What If…?’ took Marvel’s biggest heroes through space and time. Heroes often became villains and villains became heroes, superpowers were switched among teammates, and important characters like Gwen Stacy and Karen Page escaped death in these fascinating issues. From ‘Spider-Man’ joining the ‘Fantastic Four’, to Jane Foster becoming ‘Thor’, to Bucky surviving ‘World War II’, to the creation of Mayday
‘Spider-Girl’ Parker, some of the ideas proved so intriguing that they were explored further in Marvel Comics. More recent stories of the comics focused on specific turning points in blockbuster crossover events like ‘Civil War’, ‘Infinity’, and ‘Avengers’ vs. ‘X-Men’.


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