Mahi breaks silence over divorce | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular Dhaliwood actress Mahiya Mahi started her acting career in 2012 with Jazz Multimedia-produced ‘Bhalobashar Rong’. After that, he became the headlines over movies, love, marriage more than once, but this time she came to the discussion for a different reason.Recently, Mahi posted a love status on her Facebook page. Seeing that post, many fans thought that the actress may break the relationship with her husband Apu.
Regarding the separation, Mahi said, “When I am upset, I give such loving statuses. When I am very angry, I don’t really remember who I am, many people see me on Facebook. Some of what I wrote could create controversy. I give these statuses just to avoid my anger.”
She said about married life, “I am very angry with Apu I quarrel with him 27 times in 24 hours. But he doesn’t get angry and argue with me.”Mahiya Mahi tied the knot with businessman Parvez Mahmud Apu in 2016. The two are composing a very enjoyable married life together.


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