Mads replaces Depp in ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

For a long time now, the mystery around the new GellertGrindelwald kept us thinking. It was Johnny Depp who brought the role fame but was ousted by Warner Bros. The actor had already shot for a day for Fantastic Beasts 3 when the verdict of libel suit was out and he was ousted.
Now, MadsMikkelsen will officially be seen stepping into his shoes.Yes, you heard that right. It was just very recently when Mads reacted to the reports of him being approached to play the titular role. However, he claimed it to be just a ‘rumor.’ But it seems he was keeping all the good news to himself until it was finally confirmed on Wednesday.
As per a report by Entertainment Weekly, Warner Bros confirms replacing Johnny Depp with MadsMikkelsen as the new GellertGrindelwald. Previously, Colin Farrell was also rumored to be a possible replacement. Given the fact that he is already shooting as The Penguin in Matt Reeves’ The Batman’, the possibility was ruled out.


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