Lutfor’s lyrics impressing the music-lovers | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Lutfor Hasan is one of the popular lyricists among the present generation’s singers. Many noted singers lent their voices under the lyrics written by him. He always gets inspiration to compose lyrics for songs.
Recently Lutfor Hasan wrote lyrics for some new songs – Mon bhalo hoye jai for Luipa, “Ek jhak bhalobasa for Kishore, Pinky aamar naam” for Pinky, “Ami tomai dekhbo bole” and “Goongoon gaan” for Moumita Barua, “Kemon achho bondhu tumi” for Abonti Sithi, “Bhalobasa sosta noi” for Putul and some songs for himself.
Lutfor written these songs are waiting to release in voice of these singers. Lutfor also said his composed song titled “Kemon achho bondhu tumi” with Abonti Sithi will be released on his own channel. According to him, this song is exceptional and his likable, so he has no interest to release it to other platforms.
His written song for Luipa is one of his best composed songs of present time, according to him. Lutfor mentioned that his written and composed more than 500 songs have already been released. More than 100 songs are waiting to release now. “I am obviously grateful to Salma, Rinku and Rajib because while rendering my written songs they always mentioned my name either in television or stage shows. This thing always inspires me for writing lyrics for new songs,” Lutfor also said.  


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