Kangana gets rape threat from lawyer | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Kangana Ranaut’s name has been seen in the headlines in the lockdown for various reasons. She has also been seen to be vocal in demanding a fair trial for Sushant’s death. Besides, this Bollywood actress is in discussion throughout the year by making various comments. Bollywood actress Kangana recently asked her fans on Facebook who is fasting on the occasion of Navaratri. It has been alleged that she was threatened with rape after that post. An Odisha lawyer named Mehendi Reza threatened to rape Kangana. He later removed the threatening message from her social media as soon as the matter became an issue. The Odisha lawyer then claimed that his account had been hacked. That is why such obscene messages are sent to the actress in his name. However, Kangana did not comment on the matter.


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