‘Joler Gaan’ performs for Agami | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

 ‘Agami’ is an organization of expatriate Bengalis in the United States. At their invitation, Bangladesh’s popular song group ‘Joler Gaan’ presents a performance. Kolkata musician Srikanto Acharya also sings.
The show broadcast live on Facebook Live on the Facebook page of ‘Agami’ on September 26 at 8 am Bangladesh time (California time on September 26 at 7 pm).
Incidentally, it has been working as a non-profit organization registered in the United States since 2003. With their funding, 14 schools for disadvantaged children are being run in Bangladesh.Mostafizu Rahman, director of analytics at Agami, said, “Our organization is basically a non-profit organization. It has been operating in the United States since 2003.

We fund 14 schools for disadvantaged children in Bangladesh. Besides, I am working for the students of Bangladesh by translating the American Mathematical Solution ‘Khan Academy’ into Bengali.”

Events are held in the United States each year to raise money for school management. The event was held in the auditorium last year, but this time it has to be done live online due to the coronavirus situation.
He further said, “Joler Gaan from Bangladesh will be associated with us in this year’s event. Besides, musician Srikanto Acharya will be joining from Kolkata.  We hope that the program will touch the hearts of Bengalis living in the United States as well as Bengali speaking people all over the world with their songs and stories.”


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