Ireen Tany’s ‘Bou Shwashuri’ gets response | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

One of the popular drama serials by talented director Akash Ranjan among the viewers is ‘Bou Shwashuri’. Its 200-episode will be telecasted on Boishakhi TV soon. Tipu Alam wrote story and script of the serial. In the beginning of the serial, Ahona Rahman played the central role. After 30 episodes, Ahona did not continue acting in the serial. Later, director Akash Ranjan courageously took promising actress Ireen Tany to play the role of Ahona in the serial.
It is fact that only good story and roles cannot bring any serial into discussion. Performance of an actor also plays a key role in this regard. An actor has natural quality to impress the viewers by virtue of acting. After leaving the serial, Ireen Tany is acting in the serial Bou Shwashuri with more challenges. She has already won the hearts of many viewers by virtue of her acting skill. Now the serial has come into discussion. Basically story of the serial revolves with Ireen Tany’s role.
While talking about acting in the serial Ireen Tany said, “At first, I want to give thanks to director of the serial Akash Ranjan because he kept his confidence on me as I am acting in the serial with more challenges. I have tried to give my level best effort to portray my role properly in the serial ‘Bou Shawshuri’.
My co-actors are also co-operating me well in this regard. So, it has become easier to me to present my role in the serial nicely. I give also thanks to playwright of the serial Tipu Alam Bhai because he wrote my character nicely in the story. In fact, I am giving more response for acting in the serial. Now it has become one mentionable works in my acting career.”


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