Gal on WW84: Hardest movie I ever shot | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Hollywood star Gal Gadot said the team of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ wanted to “raise the bar” with the upcoming superhero film, which has been the toughest acting job in her career till date. Wonder Woman 1984, a highly-anticipated follow-up to the 2017 DC superhero blockbuster, will see Gadot reprise her role as the Amazonian warrior Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman with director Patty Jenkins at the helm of things. 
The sequel follows ‘Wonder Woman’ facing two new foes – Maxwell Lord, played by ‘Narcos’ star Pedro Pascal, and The Cheetah aka Barbara Minerva, essayed by Kristen Wiig, known for Bridesmaids.Unlike other superhero movies that are heavily dependent on computer-generated imagery (CGI) to execute high-octane stunt sequences, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ mostly has real people pulling off the action choreography. “
Most of the stuff you see in the film is real people doing the real thing, whether it is us or the stunt artistes. When you see it in the movie, you can tell it’s the real deal – be it the facial expressions, weight, movement or speed. It was the hardest movie I ever got to shoot by far, but it was worth it,” said Gadot.
The 2017 original stand-alone film, which critics and audience felt was much needed in the male-dominated superhero space, followed Diana’s journey as a sheltered Amazonian princess to a true warrior.”We wanted to raise the bar, give everything we have. We knew people were invested in and cared about the character,” she said, adding she wasn’t lucky enough to see a character like ‘Wonder Woman’ on screen while growing up.


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