For the first time in ‘Soul’ Pixar’s film, Krishna Manab is the central character | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

For the first time in Pixar’s 25-year film history, the story of an animated film revolves around a black man. Soul’ may take the world of animation to another height, not only for its spiritual content about the meaning of life, but also for the story to revolve around black people for the first time. The movie ‘Soul’ is going to be released at Star Cineplex in Bangladesh with all the countries of the world on the occasion of Christmas. According to Reuters, the film’s assistant director Pete Doctor said the story did not revolve around a black man. In the words of Pete Doctor, “In my experience the film is very inspiring. And the main character of the film is surrounded by a jazz pianist. Which will make us feel that being black was the right choice.” “Many of us want to know what is really going on in life. What do we do with this life? Why are we here … and what should we do to get the most out of life … that’s the story of the film. ” Said the doctor.


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