Ferdausi Rahman still wants to return to music | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Independence Award, Ekushey Award and National Film Award winner noted singer and music director Ferdausi Rahman did not render any new song for many days. But she still wants to render song. While talking in this regard she said, “Many days I didn’t render any new song. As a singer, I want to do it. An artiste wants to survive among loves of the people. For this reason, a singer has to render new song. But for many days my vocal does not permit to render any new song. If the situation will improve, I will surely render new song. As a singer, this desire always remains forever.”
Ferdausi Rahman will complete 80 years on June 28, 2021. In movie Asia, she first lent her voice for the play-back song titled “O more kalare kala”, which music was arranged by Abdul Ahad and Samar Das. It was a collected song. Viewers enjoyed the song in voice of Ferdausi Rahman in film ‘E Desh Tomar Aamar’. The lyric and tunes of the song was composed by Khan Ataur Rahman.
In Ferdausi Rahman’s voice, her first one of the popular play-back songs was Azizur Rahman written and Robin Ghosh composed Ami rup nagar-er rajkonnya ruper jadu enechhi, which was used in Mustafiz directed and Shabnam-starrer movie Harano Din. Many dance artistes present with this song while performing on the stage till now. As music director, she first worked with Robin Ghosh in movie ‘Rajdhanir Bukey’. She got the National Film Award in category of Best Music Director for movie ‘Megh-er Onek Rong’.
While talking about those musicians who are working in background music of present time Ferdausi Rahman said, “The musicians, who are working now, they are doing well. They are trying to do something good. But who are working in background music, they have no sense about it. Without any understanding they are working in background music now. They have no patience to realize it.” The veteran singer also criticized the newcomer singers who started their career through various reality shows. 


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