Fazlur Rahman Babu again with play-back song | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Noted actor Fazlur Rahman Babu again lent his voice for a play-back song under the composition of National Film Award winner music composer and director Emon Saha. Babu lent his voice for the movie Chhayabrikkho, directed by Bondhon Biswas. Title of the song is “Sukh nai ei bhubonjure”. Bondhon Biswas wrote lyrics of the song. Son of legendary music composer and director late Satya Saha, Emon Saha got National Film Award in categories of Best Music Composer and Best Music Director for Nader Chowdhury directed movie “Meyeti Ekhon Kothai Jabe”. In that film, Babu rendered the play-back song titled “Aamar mathai joto chul, Tar cheye beshi hoilo bhul”.
In 2016, Babu also got the National Film Award in category of Best Supporting Role (Actor) for acting in this movie. While talking about lending his voice for play-back song again under Emon Saha’s composition Babu said, “I have a nice relationship with Emon when his father Satya Saha was alive. During that time Emon did not become music composer. When I rendered play-back song for movie Meyeti Ekhon Kothai Jabe, he told me I rendered it with high emotion. Emon is always outstanding. I again lent my voice for play-back song under his music composition. I believe music-lovers will enjoy the song.” Babu also said that he will take part in a promotional shooting of an NGO. He has also lent his voice for the title song in Faridul Hasan’s movie Bahana.


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