Fahmida Nabi’s ‘Keu Thake Na’ in Shafiq’s tune | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Fahmida Nabi had participated in rendering the song ‘Ghum nei Duchokhe’ as a duet with Shafiq Tuhin. The two also sang ‘Abak Tarar Phul’ to the words and tune of Prince Mahmud. But this is the first time Fahmida Nabi sang to the tune and music of Shafiq Tuhin. ‘Keu Thake Na’ is the name of the song which has been written by Sejan Mahmud.
The song’s recording was finished on October 1. Regarding the song Shafiq Tuhin said, “I have made tunes and melodies for many singers and artistes but for some reason I never got the chance to create any tune for such a talented artiste like Fahmida Nabi. When I got the lyrics in my hand, the first thing that came to my mind is that this is the song of Fahmida Nabi. I made the tune keeping her in mind. The song turned out great.”
Fahmida Nabi said, “Sejan Mahmud is a great lyricist and Shafiq Tuhin is also a great music composer. There is modernism in the song’s tune. It isn’t like other songs rather it has come up as a gift through its lyrics and tune.”Tuhin shared that the song will be released on Sejan Mahmud’s YouTube channel after the music video of the song is finished shooting.


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