Elizabeth shares her ‘Tenet’ experience | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Hollywood actress Elizabeth Debicki says working with filmmaker Christopher Nolan in Tenet was a remarkable experience, which pushed her as an actor.
She even went on record to call him a ‘unique director.’
“My experience of working with Chris was really remarkable. I found him to be a very unique director, the way he works, it’s incredibly specific. It’s incredibly fastpaced. There’s something about working with Chris,” Elizabeth Debicki told.”I think it’s very surreal when you actually step onto the side of somebody who you have admired for so long. There is this kind of masterful quality to the way he works and the way he directs.
It allows you to kind of cross threshold with yourself as an actor and an artist. I think it really pushed me as an actor. And I have never really experienced anything like working with him,” Elizabeth Debicki added. “It is a really interesting thing for your brain to experience as an actor to this… the reality within the unreality of it, and how can I make it with him at the helm of that,” Elizabeth Debicki said.


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