‘Dexter’ revival finds primary villain | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Clancy Brown (Billions, Emergence) will star opposite Michael C. Hall in the limited series, which reunites Hall and Dexter’s first show runner, Clyde Phillips, reports The Hollywood Reporter. He’ll play a character named Kurt Caldwell; the unofficial mayor of a small town called Iron Lake and be the primary antagonist for Hall’s avenging serial killer. Kurt is a former big rig driver and now owner of several trucks and the local truck stop. A man of the people, he’s loved by everyone in town; if he’s got your back, consider yourself blessed. Should anyone cross him, or hurt someone he loves, however, God help them. Showtime announced the ‘Dexter’ revival in October, with an eye toward a fall 2021 premiere date. The series would resume eight years after a widely panned series finale that found Dexter faking his own death and going into self-imposed exile working as a lumberjack.