Cyrus opens up her family’s Christmas traditions | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Pop star Miley Cyrus says as part of Christmas traditions, her family members engage in fist fights and debate conspiracy theories at the dinner table. “All families have a dynamic that is very specific. We all let our mullets down,” Miley said during a radio show on Monday, reports “You’re sitting round a table full of artistes that are very opinionated and we love to bring up conspiracy theories at the dinner table which usually end in some sort of debate and everyone being upset,” she added, and shared: “Then (there’s) a Cyrus family traditional fist fight!” Miley, daughter of producer Tish and musician Billy Ray, also joked that her sister Noah, a singer, brings a “weapon” with her. “Noah, she’s always got a weapon: her nails. I don’t know how she even functions sometimes. The nails and the hair. And you do not touch Noah’s hair,” she said. Miley’s siblings also include sister Brandi, and brothers Trace, Christopher and Braison.


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